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What sets American Bagger apart from the competition? 

 We are true enthusiasts. We are not in this just as a form of employment-we live and breathe the Bagger industry. We knew where the market was heading years before our competitors. As we constantly work on new partnerships with the largest magazine retailers in the country and internationally to bring you more readers in print and digital form, we continue to provide the best quality Bagger magazine.


Our History

2016, marks our 10th year  of publishing American Bagger and it has been a great ride.  We are proud to be the leading Bagger magazine on the newsstand. Thank you for your continued support as we deliver even more new products, more relevant in-depth tech articles, and the hottest custom Baggers in the country. Ten years ago we had an idea of where the market was heading but since then we have seen the Bagger landscape change from 21” wheels and now up to 32” wheels.


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